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Set your taste buds ablaze with the Hot Package from Anthony Spices, a fiery collection meticulously curated for lovers of heat. This bundle brings together some of our most sizzling products, including hot sauces and spicy seasonings like the Grim Reaper Hot Sauce and Scorpion Pepper Sea Salt. Each product in this package is chosen for its ability to deliver heat and flavor, with spice levels ranging from lively to volcanic. Perfect for heat seekers looking to add a spicy kick to their dishes or as a bold gift for the chili aficionados in your life!

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  • Hot Package - Includes a fiery assortment of hot products, ideal for those who crave intense flavors and heat. Save 20% with our Hot Package!

What's included?

Arizona Chipotle (Heat: 2 out of 5)
Arizona Habanero (Heat: 5 out of 5)
Arizona Hatch (Heat: 3 out of 5)
Arizona Jalapeño (Heat: 2 out of 5)
Santa Maria Seasoning (Heat: 2 out of 5)
Signature Steak Seasoning (Heat: 1 out of 5)

Grim Reaper Hot Sauce (Heat: 5.5 out of 5)
Phoenix Wing Sauce (Heat: 2 out of 5)
Trinidad Scorpion Beyond Death Sauce (Heat: 5.5 out of 5)

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