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Embrace the heat with Anthony Spices' Hot 4 Pack, a dynamic collection designed for those who savor fiery flavors. This pack includes our top picks for heat enthusiasts: Scorpion Pepper Sea Salt, Arizona Chipotle, Arizona Hatch, and Arizona Habanero spice mixes. Each blend delivers a distinct heat profile, from the smoky depths of Chipotle to the intense sting of Scorpion Pepper. Ideal for adding a powerful punch to your grilling, cooking, or seasoning routines. Whether for personal use or as a daring gift, the Hot 4 Pack is sure to ignite a passion for spice in any adventurous foodie!

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  • Hot 4 Pack - Four of our hottest spices in one convenient package, perfect for those who love their flavors bold and spicy. Save 20% when purchasing out Hot 4 Pack!

What's included?

Arizona Chipotle (Heat: 2 out of 5)
Arizona Habanero (Heat: 5 out of 5)
Arizona Hatch (Heat: 3 out of 5)
Trinidad Scorpion Infused Sea Salt (Heat: 5 out of 5)

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